Freda began her art career in 1996 or so putting graphics on t-shirts which led to a local artist commenting that if she could do such art on t-shirts, well, she should take a class and begin a career in oil painting. A series of classes followed which led to experiments as her style evolved into the landscapes she enjoys painting today. Most of her recent work is painted from photographs, including many scenes from pictures of vacation or sentimental locations. She has had her works raffled off at many events and welcomes private commissions

"Gina's Cottage by the Stream" Painted in just 9 straight hours! Freda had a very stiff neck after painting this scene for daughter Gina.

"Seascape with Lighthouse" "Freda" means peaceful, an emotion her paintings certainly evoke. This painting makes the perfect background for Freda's business cards.

Oklahoma family homestead from a picture of "The Old Swimming Hole". This lovely sentimental scene was painted on commission from photos, shown here with Freda on the right and the very happy client

This painting was raffled off to raise money for a local "Adopt a Family" fundraiser. "Rough Seas" a class project.

The Old Mill" Painted for a friend from an illustration in a book.